Client: Walnut in collaboration with Peanuts studio

Walnut created a platform that allows sales teams to customize interactive demos
and collect valuable insights about team performance. 
Our goal was to create a video that would be fun, light, and humorous to explain all about the product. 
The first step was to define the Walnut guy, a sad salesman trying hard to build his own presentation with shady tools. 
Gandalf, his sidekick cat, has a cynical outlook and portrays a wizard in the video. 
We then moved to the Storyboarding stage, where we decided what would appear in each frame. The guidelines were to keep it interesting, humorous, and have a nonsense vibe alongside imagery from the platform and fun typography.
Cartoonish-vector style was chosen for the video's design, which is based on all sorts of famous memes.

Credits to the people in Peanuts studio that made it happen: 
Art direction: Noa Shpinat
Production: Hila Zax
Sound: Eytan krief
Animation: Alina Fomin
Script: Emmanuel Cohen (Walnut) 

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