The client: Jiga in collaboration with Peanuts studio

Jiga developed a simple, reliable and cost-effective way to purchase parts online.
The goal was to create an animated video that demonstrated the advantages of the platform over cumbersome, outdated technologies that require a lot of correspondence and time to develop.
There are two parts to the video, the first one discusses the outdated process of purchasing parts, and for this part, I decided to combine vintage elements collage with a clean, sleek vector design.
The final result: 
Once I finished illustrating and designing the frames, they moved on to animators, sound, and editing. 
Credits to the people in Peanuts studio that made it happen: 
Art direction: Noa Shpinat
Design: Inbsl Avraham, Shiran Harush
Script: Maytal Yarkoni
Animation: Alex Kozka
Production: Anne De-Costa
Sound: Eytan krief

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