The client:
Torq company in collaboration with Peanuts studio (Art direction: Noa shpinat) 

The goal:
Torq develops No-code automation and modernizes how security & operations teams work with accessible workflow building, limitless integrations, and numerous pre-built templates.
The goal was to create a visual language for their platform that includes empty state illustrations and other illustrative marketing and brand materials.
Backstage sketches: 
We developed the illustration style based on a few factors: Playfulness, focus on the process,
and an updated illustration style that stands out. We were inspired by topics such as physical games
like the Incredible Machine, Rubik's cube, Domino, and golf.
The concept came from a simple ball that rolls around and turns on triggers as the process happens in Torq's algorithm. Additionally, we gave it a mysterious and surrealistic look that will make it stand out. 
The final result:
As a result, we created empty vector illustrations that correspond with specific empty states,
like 404 notices. A cat character, Toto, was also added to the illustration to give it a more humorous and fun feel. 
Some swag design: Torq asked us to make stickers for a company event.
These stickers contain images from their system, private jokes, and all sorts of "Tech life" items. 

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