Shufra is a chain of fashionable shoe stores with 18 different branches throughout Israel.
Shufra regularly updates their blog on their website where they provide a platform for Israeli illustrators to accompany a variety of content on various cultural topics. The content usually has something to do with fashion and style, and appeals to a predominantly female audience.
The goal was to make a comic that would deal with a different female character from history each time. We chose to go with the subject of influential female figures who are not necessarily very well known, thereby introducing them to the blog followers and Shufra’s newsletter subscribers.
Every month we collaborate on which new character to depict - female characters should have some link to the worlds of style or fashion. The comic has two recurring characters, Yaeli and Amalia: Amalia is an intelligent and hard-working cat who explains in every comic about the relevant character, while Yaeli, her owner, is more interested in filming videos for TikTok and taking selfies. The comic is humorous and light, yet explains important facts about how the character left her mark on humanity. Girl Power!

Shirley Chisholm fem-comics
Maud Wagner - Fem comics

Gloria Vanderbilt - Fem comics
Ruth Dayan- Fem comics
Rozi ben yosef - Fem comics
Hanae Mori
tove jansson
ruth st. denis
Sadako Sasaki

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