The client: Sealights company in collaboration with Tamar Hatzofe studio 
The goal: SeaLights identifies, analyzes, and communicates Software Quality Risk, and empowers software teams to deliver quality at speed; their platform is usually used by developers.
The goal was to create an empty states illustration that would integrate with the platform design.
Also, the client asked for a big hero illustration that will appear on the platform's first screen.
Backstage sketches: An ocean-themed concept was chosen for this project based on the sea, diving, and ocean-related topics. Our goal was to integrate the metaphor of diving into the code world and DevOps-related images.
The final result: This resulted in a bank of vector images that can be used for multiple empty states.
Using light and shadow, as well as keeping the colors calm and soft, was essential to keep the mellow-ocean vibes. 

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