The client:
Reut Melovani is a micro-copy writer and UX designer
The goal:
Reut wanted a fun doodly logo with her face, that will complement the doodly design style she chose to have in her website. 
Backstage sketches:
During the process of developing this logo, I mainly focused on Reut's facial features and searched for her boldest characteristic. I decided that her hair was her boldest feature, and while creating sketches of it, something surprising happened- We discovered that her signature curly hair in my illustration style closely resembled handwritten Hebrew letters, and as Reut's occupation mainly involves writing, this was a winning combination.

The final result: 
I made her hair and curls the most prominent part of the logo, which makes it unique and recognizable. I also created a few alternates of the logo with a variety of facial expressions so Reut could use it for different applications.  

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