‘Only division can’ - illustration for ‘Liberal’ magazine
״Liberal״ is a print Israel-based magazine focusing on politics, communication, and culture. This illustration was created for an article about how hatred brings about the death of democracy, by Yonatan Shem-Or. I used ancient greek pottery and architecture as my inspiration to visually express the concept of democracy.


see.V developers blog magazine​​​​​​​
see.V is a tech recruiting company. This illustration was made for an article
about tech solutions that will help solve the climate crisis.
Illustration for "Mekashkesh" (scribbler) magazine for an article about
self-promotion by Shani Levi
My favorite mistake

Illustrations for an article I wrote for "Mekashkesh" magazine,
about how to take your failures and revive them into something new. 
When we get back, it will get better
Illustration for a story, published in "Ata nimtza kan" magazine
Achbar Ha'ir
Cover illustrations for "Achbar ha’ir" local culture magazine in Jerusalem

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