The client:
Ahoy sea insurance in collaboration with UI human factors 

The goal:
Ahoy provides insurance for boats and other sea-related equipment.
Human UI studio approaches me to illustrate different scenarios for the Onboarding of their insurance app.   
Backstage sketches: 
During the first stage, I tried to define the illustration's style and concept. After doing some research, I found that we should keep it simple, minimalistic, and with smooth brush-like lines, Boats and sailing topics seem to be a natural fit for this kind of style. The main character is designed to appeal to a wide audience, and the pelican adds humor and lightness.
In order to maintain the fluency of the brush, I used Procreate software for the sketch stages and then traced over the lines in Adobe illustrator.
The final result:
We developed a wide range of illustrations that can be used in the application
and represent different aspects of sea insurance.

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