The client: Seboclam in collaboration with wearenw advertising agency 

Sebocalm offers a wide range of dermo-cosmetics for different skin conditions.

The goal was to create an illustration for their gift box layout, which includes skincare products suitable for every skin type.
In collaboration with three illustrators, we created a comic-illustration printed on the box and sold as a limited edition
on the Seboclam website.

The target audience was women, so as I set and thought about an idea, I tried to connect with my inner feelings and thoughts and came up with the idea that sometimes life feels like an endless game- a lot of things we must acquire and accomplish to advance in the game, especially for women who have a lot multi-tasking to do these days. Since I wanted the illustration to be an integral part of the box, I used the format of a board game box to implement this idea.

I’ve created a board game track that integrated comics frame and became something new format. I chose bold colors to make it stand out and have these playful vibes. As the comic character progresses, she gets more cranky and tired. Still, at the end of the road, the game is telling her to get some rest and have quality time with herself- this can mean a lot of different options for the women who own the box, and taking care of their skin is one of them.  

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