The client: Mycophobia
The goal: Mycophobia is a social organization which promotes local cultural creation, ecological thinking and spiritual introspection. By creating quality content - events, music, art, dance spaces, workshops and lectures - they promote artists from all fields.
The goal was to create a graphic identity and illustrations for the "Serendipity" festival. Serendipity is a music and workshops event that takes place in the desert.
I tried to convey the essence of the term "serendipity" through imagery of surprising discoveries throughout history, as well as using space-themed elements, and biological and organic forms.
The neon color scheme was chosen to give the design an electronic music
look and feel.
Behind the scenes: All of these elements merged to create unified brand design for all the deliverables such as invitations, illustrations and other marketing materials.
The festival site was divided to different sections, each dedicated to different activities/events and music styles. In order to create a distinct atmosphere per section I made illustrations to represent each one.
The festival site was divided to different areas- every area was dedicated to different activity and music style. I created illustration for each area, that captured the environment and vibe.  
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